Five generations of farmers who have learned to watch the sky and cope with the unpredictability of the climate and natural events.

the Traditional Method of Borgo Maragliano

In the early Eighties, after assessing Loazzolo’s particular pedoclimatic situation, Dr. Corino, a man of great intuition and head of the Experimental Institute for Viticulture of Asti, suggested the planting of experimental vineyards with the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir varieties to produce Traditional Method Sparkling Wine in Loazzolo. Giuseppe and Carlo took up this challenge with great enthusiasm and determination.
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Visit Borgo Maragliano

Our concept of hospitality expresses all the passion that we nourish for our work: this is why we try to “conquer” our visitors with all the “sentiment” that inspires our lives.
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The wine reflects all the unmistakable characteristics of the soil. Every wine is the result of the work carried out in the vineyard and the winegrower must have a talent for bringing out all that is beautiful and good from the grapes.
The sea wind and millions of years of erosion and geological evolution have given these places an extraordinary microclimate and ideal conditions for the cultivation of vines in the high hills.
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