The wine reflects all the unmistakable characteristics of the soil. Every wine is the result of the work carried out in the vineyard and the winegrower must have a talent for bringing out all that is beautiful and good from the grapes.

Everything is carried out with the utmost care, attention and respect for agronomic and production techniques. The use of chemicals is kept to a minimum, respecting the environment as much as possible. We work to keep yields low, the so-called “green harvest”, to reduce the quantity of grapes produced, increasing the quality of the wine obtained, taking into account the climatic conditions and the characteristics of the vintage.

The harvest is the crucial moment, bringing a whole year’s work and dedication in the vineyard to an end, and it requires skilled judgement and a great deal of experience. The grapes are pressed in the cellar and this is followed by racking, fermentation, fining and filtration, guaranteeing and maximising the aromatic qualities of the grapes.

The wine rests in the ageing cellars, enveloped in silence, protected from light and temperature changes, maturing, consolidating its personality and strengthening its character.


Wines that share the intent to propose “extreme interpretations” of their territory, where the courage to dare yields the finest quality.


Here, among these steep, rugged hills, the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes are elevated in the bottle, expressing fullness, persistence and seductive elegance. The heart of the Borgo Maragliano project.


The expression of the terroir’s ability to propose wines that are intuitive and characterised by outstanding finesse, appreciated by a broad, curious public that always seeks a distinctive personality and an intimate relationship: wines with which it is easy to identify.