Grape variety: 100% CHARDONNAY
fermentation in stainless steel tanks
Altitude: 580 metres above sea level
Slope: 26% with north-westerly exposure
Pruning technique: Low Guyot
Average yield per hectare: 45 hl.


The first undisputed operation required to achieve an integral wine is short pruning, leaving one fruit cane with six to eight buds on it during winter pruning, allowing the production of a maximum of 12/16 bunches of grapes per vine. The first green harvest takes place at the end of July, selecting the bunches to be left on the vine, prioritising small-medium clusters that are healthiest and closest to the trunk and removing the others. This operation allows us to achieve our goal, which is to obtain a harvest with much greater mineral concentrations, suited to the production of a wine with a long cellar life. For once, the low-yield principle is aimed not at making a more alcoholic wine but at developing aromatic-saline-fruity concentrations. Soft pressing after removing the stems generates grape juice that is immediately inoculated with low fermenting yeasts to encourage fermentation at a temperature of 10-11 °C. This is necessary for production and, above all, to stabilise the primary aromas. Upon completion of fermentation, the wine spends seven months maturing on lees, with weekly pumping over to convey finesse, elegance and complexity. The wine is bottled in April and then spends two long years ageing, maturing and becoming ready for drinking. We have opted for a long period of bottle-ageing as our soils, our environment and our pedoclimate (in harmony with the Chardonnay grape) reach their finest olfactory expression after quite some time.


Bright straw colour with pronounced greenish highlights. Very intense aromas with rich sensations of fruit and fresh flowers, with a finish characterised by aromatic herbs. An accent of balsamic notes prevails. A fine structure envelops the palate with a crisp and savoury progression reminiscent of iodine, saltiness and acacia honey, with a silky and invigorating finish. A wine that we could describe as seductive.


Served in crystal glasses at a temperature of 12-13 °C, it complements starters made with fish and molluscs, raw fish, charcuterie and fresh/mild cheeses.

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